Real Estate Photography for Massachusetts & New Hampshire

Picture It Sold!

Unlike many people in the industry, we do NOT feel that real estate videos will ever replace good photography. High quality, crisp real estate photography is what draws a potential buyer to your listing. Good photography gives a quick overview of the property for the buyer to make a quick, instant decision as to whether to investigate further. IF they like what they see, they will then take the time to download the video tour, which you should consider your FIRST SHOWING!

To visibly distinguish yourself and your listings, our New Hampshire and Massachusetts real estate photography is designed to market every property as if it was a luxury property. We elegantly blend striking, wide angle high-definition photography with world-class service, exceeding the highest of expectations. Each photos is meticulously optimized and enhanced. The results are bold bright colors, sharp, crisp detail, minimized shadows, reduced bright spots, and "see-thru the windows" clarity.

In Real Estate, A Picture Is Worth $1,000 or More

When you purchase a video tour and still photography package, your photos are displayed FULL SCREEN, regardless of the size of the monitor or mobile device on your MLS Listing,, Trulia and Zillow. You can also email a link to your full screen slideshow and video tour to any client!

Photographs of the homes you list should be amazing, not just good. Photography sells real estate. Buyers use photographs to decide which homes to see in person. Homes with poor photographs are often screened out of the selection process and never seen in person. Studies have shown that high quality, professional photography have a higher perceived value. A 2010 Wall Street Journal article reports, “listings with professional photos gain anywhere between $934 and $116,076.”

Amazing or even great cannot be accomplished without the right kind of equipment and a commitment to the idea that real estate photography is not about taking quick snapshots to document a property. It is about creating marketing pieces that will cause buyers to fall in love with the home.

To even further set your photos apart "from the crowd", we use elevated poles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles equipped with remote controlled cameras to gain a different perspective with a low aerial view! You'd be amazed at the difference when your camera elevated!

Your photos will be linked to your MLS and listing as a full screen slide show, coupled with your video tour if ordered. This is how your photographs and video will appear as a "virtual tour link" from your MLS.

Real estate photography for Massachusetts and New Hampshire

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